Sunday, November 05, 2006


WHO: Harish Abbott, GSB2006

Harish just launched ugenie with his business partner Krishna (of Amazon India fame)...let's hope it goes well for Harish as his fallback career in foosball will definitely not keep him off the streets. They were funded by BlueRun and Sierra Ventures while Harish was a roommate of mine at 552 Military.

ugenie helps you discover the cheapest price for your choice of items, either a single item or a bundle of items. When ugenie says 'price' they mean the total credit card damage including shipping, taxes and yes, live coupons! It is great for your whole christmas shopping list or for multi-item gifts!! In one click you find the best price across all online merchants. ugenie has 7 million items including books, music, movies, and games and are rapidly expanding into other categories.

I just did a test of ugenie - I entered the last three books I bought into their search to see what they would have saved me. The answer --- 11%. So they have my business.

ugenie also has some great Techcrunch coverage.

Good luck Harish - hit it out of the park!

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