Friday, January 05, 2007


WHO: Erik Burns (Biological Science and CS 98) and Jeremy Kassis (Computational Molecular Nanotechnology [wow!])

Jeremy and Erik are two super-smart Stanford grads who have been working on the stealth company bumpQ and its predecessor since I met them a few years ago. The challenge for this post is that bumpQ is a stealth company and Erik and Jeremy are keeping the details close to their chests. What I can say? Well, they are two stanford engineers working on a software idea to change the world. Sound familiar?

Their website gives a few hints of where they are headed in their tagline, "always have something to do" and from the graphics. I guess they managed to fit in some classes in design/graphics between computational nanotechnology seminars...

I promise to post more details as bumpQ moves forward. I expect more details on the product offering soon, and given the passion behind these guys there will probably be an angel funding announcement before too long as well.

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