Friday, January 19, 2007


WHO: Seth Sternberg (GSB06 Social)

Seth started working with the cofounders of meebo on some different ideas, including file transfer, before hitting the jackpot with browser based IM. I am not sure I can say too much new here given that Seth has become a media darling and the meebo story is everywhere (Newsweek, NYT, Techcrunch, GigaOM, PC Magazine, Rolling Stone, etc), kind of like how meebo is everywhere. They even show you that on this world meebo map of users:

The history as I know it is as follows, Seth meets co-founders, ideas swirl, meebo drops out, Seth drops out (of the GSB), Sequoia drops in 3M bucks, meebo spreads like a virus, DFJ joins the party with another 9M green friends (that is news from this week), and, meebo sells for $925M to one of the big internet players allowing Seth to spend the rest of his life flying around in small planes. Or more likely a not-so-small plane. The last part still needs to be written and DFJ will never let it go that cheap if their negotiating style from Skype is still around.

The meeboME widget is in the Widgetbox panel on the right side of my blog. It is a pretty cool way to distribute IM and showcases what meebo's strength is - it is all in the browser, no client, no installation, just fast chat. Use it while traveling, use it if you are in the military, use it at work if you cant install a client, just use it!

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